Developing Accessible
& Inclusive Societies

Healthcare Data Platform
International platform for domestic reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable and responsive to citizens.
Healthcare Advocacy
Free health outreaches to several communities involving free health check for blood pressure, blood sugar, eye tests and drug administration.
Physical Rehabilitation
To increase the awareness on magnitude of disease burden of neurological ailments at community level amongst policy makers, bureaucrats and media.
Enterprise Development
Enabling people living with disabilities and vulnerable women shape their own development through empowerment and the strengthening of their voices.

Urgent call to all local and international businesses and individuals.

 Front line medical workers need protection to fight this Covid-19 Pandemic. If your business has extra N95 face masks, safety glasses, sanitized goggles, isolation gowns or coveralls, sanitizer or latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves, ventilators, hospital beds, ventilators and vital signs monitors,kindly contact us via our hotlines to arrange pick up or freighting to our location.

HOTLINES: +234 813 949 1652 / 805 546 3055

We are passionate about innovative, accessible and inclusive social enterprises, re-engineering how healthcare data are collected and analyzed, advocacy and mainstreaming of access to information about neurological diseases and allied healthcare experts, infrastructure development of physical rehabilitation and adaptive sports making it accessible to the general public to aid inclusive and accessible societies.

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Data for National Demographic and Health Survey 2018

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