Our Brief

Our Passion
We are passionate about innovative, accessible and inclusive social enterprises, re-engineering how healthcare data are collected and analyzed, advocacy and mainstreaming of access to information about neurological diseases and allied healthcare experts, infrastructure development of physical rehabilitation and adaptive sports making it accessible to the general public to aid inclusive and accessible societies.
Our Vision
To become advocates and champions of:

> Real healthcare data aggregation, analysis and dissemination for the use of Nigeria, Africa and the world.

> Neurological diseases and healthcare experts involved.

> Development of infrastructures for physical rehabilitation of neurological diseases.
Our Mission
Opening of government health data to the public, deployment of refined data mining skillsets to creatively represent data and empower citizens to use the resulting information in demanding improved service delivery on the premise that healthcare budgets must work for the people.

And also to mainstream information access to neurological diseases and healthcare experts attending to them and support researches that help in physical rehabilitation of these diseases.

Developing Accessible & Inclusive Societies

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